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HSE course for Safety Representatives (1/2)

Personal ikon Peter Sund, HSE safety engineer

clock icon  3 hours and 45 minutes         

list icon 9 chapters

link grønn Including practical tasks

Last ned grønn Including attachements

Kursbevis grønn Certificate when finished


HSE course for Safety Representatives (1/2)

clock icon 3 hours og 45 minutes           Personal ikon Peter Sund, HSE safety engineer

Introduction to HSE for safety representatives and leaders through webinars and e-learning. The course covers training requirements for safety representatives.


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What you will be learning

    • The role of safety representative / what are my tasks?
    • Physical work environment factors
    • Protection round - mapping in the workplace
    • Deviation Registration
    • The Working Environment Act and the most central regulations
    • Systematic HSE work / HSE handbook - what should it contain?
    • Mapping and risk assessment
    • Follow-up of sick leave
    • Psychosocial and organizational work environment + AKAN
    • Chemical and biological work environment factors

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Attachments and work documents

pdf icon Oppfølging av sykmeldte 2019 engelsk

pdf icon Standard contract employment

Last ned grønn Standard contract of employement

pdf icon AKAN rules - Construction company

Last ned grønn Work Documents

pdf icon Presentations and extra documents.zip


Practical Task  

link grønn Risk Assesement.zip


list icon  9 kapitler

  1. HSE Economy

  2. The Working environment act (part 1)

  3. The Working environment act (part 2)

  4. HSE system

  5. Risk Management

  6. Practical Task

  7. Example of risk assesment

  8. Follow-up of sick leave

  9. Psychosocial and organizational working environment